Animal Movie Review 2023:

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Squid Game Season 2 Netflix:

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Is Leo Movie Blockbuster?

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Lal Salaam (2024 Movie):Directed By Aishwarya Rajinikanth

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Jawan: A True to life Work of art That is Overwhelming Online Entertainment


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“Unlocking Happiness: A Sneak Peek into the ‘Kushi’ Movie Releasing on September 1, 2023”

“Kushi” (Translation: Happiness) is an upcoming Indian Telugu-language romantic comedy film, written and directed by Shiv Nirvana.”Crafted under the banner of Mythri Movie Makers, “The highly anticipated movie showcases the remarkable pairing of Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha Ruth Prabhu, and it’s all set to hit screens on September 1, 2023.” More about Kushi ProductionDevelopment In … Read more